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 Some Awards..

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Some Awards.. Empty
PostSubject: Some Awards..   Some Awards.. Empty8/11/2010, 18:45

  • Golden Scope Award - Highest accuracy with a scoped gun

  • Golden Trigger Award - Highest accuracy with an automatic

  • Dirty Harry Award - Most pistol kills (more than 20)

  • The UnaBomber Award - Most grenade kills (above a certain threshold)

  • Needs a Bigger Tent - More than 5 kills with sniper in one spot (not moving xy axis)

  • Mr Magoo Award - Most team Damage done (not actual TKs(above certain treshold))

  • Nobody Loves You - Player that got TeamKilled the most

  • Wooden Spoon Award - Worst kills : death ratio

  • Defender of the Mushroom Kingdom - Player With The Most Curbstomps

  • The Terminator Award - Best death : kills ratio

  • Trigger Happy Award - Most ammo used (undirect/missed(above certain threshold))

  • The Neck Bones Connected To The - Most head shots (above 20 HS)

  • Needs to Duck More - Player Been headshotted Most (above 20 times)

  • Worlds Worst Terrorist Award - Killing yourself or team mates after you have thrown a grenade (above certain threshold)

  • Touch Of Death Award - Most kills in one death
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Some Awards..
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