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 Hack tipes..

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Hack tipes.. Empty
PostSubject: Hack tipes..   Hack tipes.. Empty8/11/2010, 19:01

  1. Don't call hacks or cheats with out proof

Aimbot ( sometimes called "auto-aim" ): Aimbots have varying levels of effectiveness. Some aimbots can do all of the aiming and shooting ( in others shooting must be done by the player him/her self), requiring the user to move into a position where the opponents are visible; this level of automation usually makes it difficult to hide an aimbot—for example, the player might make inhumanly fast turns that always end with his or her crosshairs targeting an opponent's head or any other part of the body.

Wallhack ( in short "WH" ): Wallhack enables the player to see through walls. In many cases wallhacks use tac gogles to deflect admins/spectators. It can be spoted when a player folows the person with his/her crosshair where ever the player moves.

Mombot: With mombot you have Aimbot and Wallhack together with some addons. ( Like no spread, no recoil... )
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Hack tipes..
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