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 Game rules.!!

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Game rules.!! Empty
PostSubject: Game rules.!!   Game rules.!! Empty5/11/2010, 20:26

  • No vote spamming, radio spamming, chat spamming, etc.
    No abusive speech of any kind [including player names].
    No accusations of cheating with out proof; record and submit a demo instead.
    No repeating team killing; accidents happen, just be polite and apologize.

  • * If you're going to be AFK ( go grab a cnack, WC... ) Join spec.
    * If you're going to be AFK Longer ( going out, dinner... ) leave the server.
    * Medic your teammates, especially when they call for one, and dont ignore if they are right next to you.
    * If you wound a teammate medic them and apologize, it's the least you can do.
    * Always help with any questions that are being asked in a server.
    * These rules can change at any moment,
    and they won't be here for you to read them again. So check them every now and then!

  • Any rules that will be broken will leave consequences:
    * First you will be warned;
    * then kicked,
    * and finaly banned.
    That replays to the Mk server and others.
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Game rules.!!
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